Respected guests

Many thanks for the choice of this hospital for treatment.

All the hospital employees have responsibility for your health and they aim to please. It is advisable to take into consideration the following rules and regulations:

  • Holding the National ID Card at the time of admission is compulsory.
  • Please do not pay cash at all.
  • Payment of fees is solely carried out via the point of sales (POS) system. Be certain of getting your receipt after payment. The amount that will be charged to you when you are admitted is merely an advance payment and payment on account, and other costs, containing hospital expenses, and physicians’ fees at the time of discharge will be received in accordance with the specified approved tariffs.
  • Refer to the relevant department to inform and complete the deposit amount in the case that your patient’s length of stay lasts more than 3 days.



Ward/Department rules

  1. Safety hints
  •  At the end of the ward for exit in critical and emergency circumstances, emergency exit stairs were embedded.
  •  Pull the bed sidebar up while sleeping and resting. Ask the nurse of the ward in the event that you are not aware of the mode of its usage.
  •  Do not leave the ward without notifying your nurse.

  1. Ward/Department Health

In intensive care units (ICUs), avoid shaking hands, kissing the patient, and utilizing pungent aromas when visiting a patient

Bringing any kind of flowers to intensive care units for heart patients would be prohibited.

Observing the following tips would be obligated to keep to hygiene and cleanliness of the ward:

  • Keeping inside the ward and WCs and bathrooms clean
  • Storage of food inside the refrigerator of the ward
  • Lack of using black nylon to store food in the refrigerator
  • Smoking ban in all spaces of the hospital

  1. Diet

The patient’s diet is prescribed by a physician, and your type of food is specified under the supervision of a dietitian in accordance with the tastes and eating habits on the basis of the food menu.

The time, in which the foods are served in the ward, is as follows:

  • Breakfast from 5:30 to 6:30
  • Lunch from 12 to 13
  • Dinner from 18:00 to 19:00.

To establish order in the food and snack distribution, the patients and the carers are recommended to be attended to in the patient’s room at the above-listed times.

  1. Silence and Comfort (Calm)
  • Because of interference in the waves of medical equipment and observing the calm of your patient, using cell phones in all wards is forbidden.
  • Keeping silent and maintaining comfort is crucial to preventing the discomfort and anxiety of patients.



Rules associated with the Carers

  • Attendance of a carer in the inpatient ward (department) room is feasible at the request of the patient with the consent of the physician, and only the same sex carers are permitted to be present in the patient’s room in the case of female patients in compliance with other criteria.
  • Each patient is allowed to have a carer (refer to the hospital admission to prepare the carer card and visit the hospital admission every day between 10 and 11 am for the renewal of the carer card and attempt to replace your card.)
  • Attendance of a carer at the patient’s bedside relies on the permission of the attending physician (treating physician), the ward/department manager, and receiving the carer card.
  • Attendance of a carer of the same sex in the inpatient wards is merely possible with the coordination of the ward manager.
  • Traffic to inpatient wards and clinics via the emergency is forbidden.



Rules and Regulations related to the Cell Phone Usage in the Hospital

  • Please speak slowly while talking on your cell phone so that the peace of others is not disturbed.
  • To visit the intensive care units (ICUs), please attend the department without a cell phone.
  • When talking on a cell phone in urgent cases, keep away from medical devices at least two meters. This is since a number of medical equipment are affected by cell phone waves; additionally, some of these devices can damage your cell phone as well.
  • While visiting by physicians or any type of conversation or interaction with the care providers, turn off your cell phone or put it in silent mode.
  • Attend the place of medical treatment without a cell phone to carry out any type of therapeutic action.
  • Any film-taking, picture-taking, or recording of other person’s voices has legal prohibition, and legal actions will be taken if it is demonstrated, please avoid it.



Rules relating to the Veil

  • Compliance with all rules and principles of the country, particularly the observance of religious values and Islamic dress (hijab or Islamic clothing) is obligatory.
  • All hospital employees, including staff, medical and technical, are dressed in uniforms with identification (ID) badges and are ready to answer the respected clients.



In order to maintain the safety of patients and prevent the outbreak of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in the community, visiting the patients’ carers and relatives in all hospitals and affiliated centers is forbidden until further notice further to the notification declared by Dr. Qasem Jan Babaei, treatment deputy of Health Minister, dated 29/02/2020.



Rules of Discharge

  • If the patient wants to be discharged from the hospital, having a discharge letter is mandatory.
  • Paying all therapeutic, medical, equipment, and medication expenses is merely conducted via the hospital cash unit. Hence, refuse from paying money to people in any way.
  • Discharge of inpatients is done from 7:30 am to 5 pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 5 pm on Fridays and holidays.
  • For the discharge of the patients, please come to the hospital at the specified time (be on time, please).
  • As hospital expenses have been determined on the basis of the floor price, so please do not ask for any discount.



Rules of Insurance

  • In the case that a patient has supplementary health insurance, he/she must get a letter of introduction from the insurance company, unless he/she had been insured by Iran insurance, SOS helper, gold card of other insurances or Armed Forces.
  • If a patient has forgotten or lost his/her physician’s letter, be sure to check it with his/her doctor before admission to the hospital reception desk.
  • Be certain to have your National ID Card with you for admission.
  • In the event that a patient is under contract to one of the supplementary insurances of the contracting party of the organization, be sure to refer to the relevant supplementary insurance organization for issuing the insurance policy a day in advance.
  • In the letter of introduction of the organizations, which are under contract with the hospital, if paying the deductible is charged by the patients, this amount will be received from the patient by the hospital cash unit as payment on account.
  • Patients referred by the insurance companies or organizations under the contract of the hospital have to pay the difference between the free tariff for a single bed room with the tariff for a two-bed room and other items out of the insurance obligation.
  • Please receive a receipt for any payment to the hospital and deliver the first copy to the reception unit in order to be included in the medical record and keep the second copy with you until discharge.
  • For daughters who are under the coverage of their parental insurance, holding their birth certificate is necessary.
  • The hospital manages its running expenses based on matching costs with revenues (matching principle) and is not covered by any state organizations or governmental bodies. Thus, payment of full deposit and checkout based on the amount declared by the discharge unit is imperative for the hospital.
  • Please avoid bringing high-priced things and cash more than the required amount, taking into account the importance of maintaining the security of each individual’s personal belongings.
  • Attendance of the father for signing the documents is essential only by an identity card if the patient is under 18 years of age.
  • After admission, the respected patients can provide the phone number of their room and hospital bed to their families and relatives, they can contact their patients via (room phone number + 85556).
  • The hospital facilities are provided for the well-being of you and the hospital, therefore, do your best for its maintenance.
  • Dear patients and carers! Money will be received in this center via the point of sales (POS) system.