Head of the ward: Dr. Ali Yegane
Head Nurse: Ms. Samane Afshar
Tel: +982125015090
Location: Ground Floor

The specialties of the clinic are as follows:

-Cardiovascular surgeries

-Infectious diseases

-Internal medicine (Cardiology)

-General surgeries


-Pediatric urology




-Pediatric orthopedics

-Internal medicine (Gastroenterology)


-Pain management


-Cosmetic plastic surgery and wound healing




-Nutrition and diet therapy



Moheb Mehr Clinic has various specialties that are providing services to patients every day at the appointed times.

The clinic is closed on Fridays and public holidays.

When referring, pay attention to the following points:

-Dear client, the reason for your being kept on is to spend more time and attention on other patients, this will be done for you as well.

-The waiting time for a visit at the clinic depends on the time of the doctor’s presence. However, efforts have been made to minimize this time (The time announced to the esteemed clients to attend the hospital and be admitted is approximate).

-The clinic staff is not allowed to give clients’ phone and home contact numbers to others.

-If the patient asks for an appointment with a specific doctor who is not present at the clinic, the doctor’s office address and phone number will be provided to him/her or, if desired, the patient can book an appointment for another day, when the doctor is at the clinic, through 24-hour online or telephone appointment booking systems.

-Please respect the rights of other clients by taking your turn.

-In case of the next visit only for showing the medical images or analysis results to the doctor up to 24 hours, there is no need to pay the visit fee again.

-Please refrain from making unusual requests to clinic staff, such as off-list appointments, talking to a doctor between other patient visits, etc.