Finance Department 

Finance Manager:

Contact No.: +982185556518

Finance incorporates accounting, revenue & insurance, discharge, salary, property & cash units. All these sections are linked and connected to the computer network, and all financial affairs associated with patients, staff, and physicians are registered, recorded, and managed by this unit.


Cash Department

The Hospital Cash Manager: Javad Hazratpour

Contact No.: +982185556547

This department undertakes the following activities:

  • Receiving all amounts and expenditures of clinical and outpatient units
  • Receiving a deposit from hospitalized patients
  • And settlement (checkout) of patients’ discharge
  • Receiving the costs of stents and heart valves


Revenue Cycle Management Department

Revenue cycle manager: Javad Mohseni

Contact No.: +982185556105

Among the central duties of this department, which can be pointed out, are the following cases:

  • Conducting discharge operations (register for hospital bed, control and overseeing of registration of services, surgical procedures, and para-clinical subjects) within a maximum of 15 minutes through the HIS (Hospital Information System or Healthcare Information System)
  • performing affairs associated with completing the basic and supplementary insurance records
  • submitting them to the organizations, which are under contract with the hospital,  and following up the relevant receivables
  • checking the rate of deductions
  • pursuing cases of non-payment and informing physicians and clinical and para-clinical units to decline deductions with insurance organizations through the revenue cycle management department
  • affairs associated with the guidance of patients about the payment amount by phone and in person
  • guiding and delivering documents to patients to get expenses from the organizations that are not under the contract with the hospital


Quality Improvement (QI) Department

Manager: Mina Azarmi

Contact No.: +982185556433

This Unit has been launched for the deployment of hospital standards and quality management systems (QMS) and surveillance of relevant quality indices in the hospital. Besides, it monitors and oversees the amount of accomplishing the strategic and operational objectives and the indicators associated with it.

The most central activities of this unit are as follows:

  • setting up of advanced quality management standards, including National Accreditation, ISO 9001, ISO 10015, ISO 10002, ISO 18001 (OHSAS), clinical governance, and…
  • Deployment and supervision on holding hospital committees
  • control and follow up of the approvals of control meetings
  • supervision on the implementation of process standards with the organization and leadership of the hospital internal audit team twice a year
  • monitoring the amount of fulfilling the goals by the design and completion of the hospital’s Balanced Scorecard (BSC) concerning prospect, mission, values, and strategic objectives
  • quality improvement of all hospital procedures by monitoring the measures of all clinical, para-clinical, and administrative units via a Balanced Scorecard Tool


Environmental Health Services (EHS) Department

Manager: Fezeh Badrouj

Contact No.: +982185556554

Definition of Environmental Health:

A collection of activities resulting in the improvement of health, welfare, and security is named environmental health. These encompass all matters relating to the hospital’s drinking water, wastewater and its treatment, education regarding all health issues, sterilization and disinfection, cleaning the environment, air and noise pollution, heating and cooling air conditioning, staff safety, hospital waste management (HWM), beam health, etc. Hence, the above-listed items are of particular importance, taking into account the Moheb Mehr Hospital’s approach in connection with customer orientation and rendering the highest quality services in the matter of hoteling and environmental health satisfaction.


Department of Dietetics & Nutrition

Hospital Nutrition manager: Mahdieh Khatibi

Contact No.: +982185556552

The Department of Dietetics & Nutrition is a unit of the hospital, which greatly contributes to the prevention and treatment of diseases. As a member of the treatment team besides other members of the group, the dietitian plays a critical role in the supply of nutritional needs, i.e. macro-and micro-nutrients, of patients. In this respect, the nutritionist takes action to meet the nutritional requirements of the patient and monitor its impact in the course of treatment by getting the diet information of the patient from the ward/department, comprising the type of illness, weight, height, appetite, and examinations.

The required measures in relation to the food calorimetry and the completion of food labels are carried out after the control of the patients’ type of diets and with regard to the food according to the chosen menu by the patient. Assurance of the adherence to patients’ diets with respect to the disease type and the attending physician’s order is a matter, which is conducted by the nutrition department manager via the control of the performed overseeing and is so impressive in the patient recovery and the progression of the healing process.

The other activities that are done by a dietitian in the hospital’s nutrition department include:

  • Compiling weekly food menus on the basis of the dietary needs and habits of hospitalized patients
  • Daily consultation and visit of patients with special diets at the admission time
  • Designing diets for obesity and weight loss and counseling outpatients in the hospital clinic and their follow-up
  • Controlling the balanced scorecard (BSC) indicators and human resource management reporting and carrying out the control over management supervision and assessing the business processes

The Department of Dietetics & Nutrition is not content with counseling at the time of admission. After discharge, it contacts cardiac and diabetic patients in cooperation with the education unit and invites them to participate in post-discharge training courses in connection with nutrition and dietetics and delivers the required education in the field of lifestyle changes and healthy diet patterns to them.


International Relations Department

Head of International Relations Department: Shookoofeh Khosravani Dehkordi

Contact No.: +982185556537

Moheb Mehr hospital is one of the Iranian pioneers in serving foreign patients as a routine service. There were patients coming around the world for treatment at this center since 2004. It is an appropriate destination for a lot of patients who expect to receive proper services in the spheres of urology, nephrology, orthopedics, cardiology, heart surgery, general surgery, and vascular surgery.

The desirable results of the surgeries performed very swiftly attracted the attention of other patients to Moheb Mehr hospital to the extent that the number of clinic patients and inpatients has annually reached more than 3,000 people. For the greater well-being of foreign patients, a person is in charge of admission and several translators are ready to be independently accountable to medical tourism clients in the International Relations Department.

Among the specific features that the hospital’s International Relations Department has generated for foreign patients are the following items:

  • Distinct admission for outpatients
  • Translators stationed in the hospital in Azeri, Arabic, and English languages
  • Specialist physicians for foreign patients stationed at the clinic
  • The capability of replying to patients’ emails and calls online
  • Access to the Internet at the time of hospitalization
  • Access to movies in the original languages and DVD players in the patient’s rooms
  • Hindi, Azeri, and Arabic food menus
  • Gifts to foreign patients

It is worth mentioning that this hospital is the first medical center with a separate unit for admission of foreign patients under the title “International Relations Department”. After performing audits and required assessments by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and the treatment deputy of the Health Department, it has succeeded in obtaining permission for the admission and treatment of foreign patients.


Human Resources Department

Hospital Human Resource (HR) Manager: Abbas Jahangiri

Contact No.: +982185556557

In this department, the procedure of setting up health records (form/make a health file) for newly arrived staff, staff contracts, physicians’ contracts, social security insurance, and supplementary insurance is carried out. In addition to payroll, merit pay (fee for service), overtime premium, norouz bonus & prior service cost (termination benefits), bonuses & settlement are calculated and paid.


Department of Medical Equipment and Device

Manager: Nazanin Zamanian

Contact No.: +982185556551

In order to manage medical equipment and device, this section has been deployed in Moheb Mehr Hospital with respect to the principles of accreditation and standards. The status of devices is monitored by this unit on a regular basis, and the information of all equipment is traceable in this department via the software.

The most central activities of this department that can be pointed out are the following cases:

  • Maintaining and promoting the performance quality of medical equipment and devices
  • Monitoring the calibration and quality control of equipment and devices
  • Overseeing the repair of equipment and devices in the hospital
  • Educating and assessing the staff in the employment and exploitation of equipment and devices
  • Checking purchase requests and rendering a technical comparison table for buying equipment and devices


Information Technology (IT) Department

Head of IT department of the hospital: Bahar Khatami

Contact No.: +982185556151

The IT department renders computer software and hardware services in the hospital. Because Moheb Mehr Hospital is the first Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model in the country’s hospitals, this department has made substantial advancements in the application of information technology in health and has been able to be a successful model of public-private partnership in the domain of IT for Iranian hospitals.

Among the characteristics of the IT department that can be noted is keeping pace with the state-of-the-art technology and its implementation in the hospital.


Occupational Health (OH) Department

Occupational Health Manager: Elnaz Sayyad

Contact No.: +982185556541

The department of occupational health (OH) assists in the hospital through identification, assessment, control of detrimental situations and factors in the workplace, delivery of control actions, and necessary care to retain, maintain, and upgrade the safety and level of health of staff, improvement of work environments, reduction of job hazards, and prevention of accidents and diseases caused by them.

The Department’s Scope of Activities:

  • Planning for implementation and supervision on performing occupational medical examinations (before recruitment, periodic and specialized) and forming health records for staff
  • Preparing and gathering (implementing) a collection of rules, regulations, guidelines, and policies and procedures associated with occupational health in the hospital
  • Preparing and specifying remedial and preventive programs and actions in accordance with risk assessment and their revision
  • Planning and establishing a committee for technical protection and occupational health in collaboration with other approved members
  • Preparing the minutes, following up on the minutes on the basis of the relevant bylaws
  • Planning and taking action to prepare a booklet on occupational health and professional health of each department in partnership with their officials
  • Cooperating to deploy, execute, and oversee the process of registration, investigation, analysis, and reporting of occupational accidents and diseases


Patient Affairs Department

This department encompasses the units of Recipients of Service, Your Voice, and Social Work (Casework).

Head of Patient Affairs Department: Fatemeh Taghavi

Contact No.: +982185556571

Patient: A patient is any recipient of health care services that are performed by healthcare professionals.

Rights: A collection of rules and regulations prevailing in a community, which recognizes peculiar privileges and authorities for persons. In all languages, rights are referred to as what is true and meritorious.

Charter of Patient Rights: Health care systems of the majority of countries employ a charter named the Charter of Patient Rights. Hospitals are obliged to present and explain the Charter of Patient Rights to him/her. Supervision for implementing the recipients of services’ standards, assessment of their function, presentation of solutions, and education for corrective actions are among the most critical responsibilities of the service recipients department.

Among the duties of Your Voice section are:

  • Direct telephone contact with patients three days after discharge in order to respond to their questions and suggestions
  • Handling the patients’ difficulties and following up on the patients’ complaints until achieving the result and declaring its outcome to patients.
  • Education and counseling of patients by phone for quality improvement of services and gaining their satisfaction to the fullest extent
  • Analyzing the results of statistics and data derived from surveys and patient complaints


Logistics Department

Head of Hospital Logistics Department: Mahmoud Madadi

Contact No.: +982185556562


The most essential activities of this section include:

  • Checking the purchase requests
  • Making inquiries about/into the costs (get price quotation) and preparing pro forma invoice for assessing the suppliers of goods and services
  • Procuring sample products to match the intended specifications


Facilities Management Department

The hospital facility manager: Javad Heidari

Contact No.: +982185556558

The supply of air conditioning facilities in different parts of the hospital is in charge of the facilities management department.

The following items are the most critical activities of this unit:

  • Monitoring of the air conditioning facility affairs
  • Control, inspection, service, and repair of all equipment relating to heating and cooling facilities
  • Specification of the repair approach simultaneous with the preventive program
  • Planning for continuing readiness of facility equipment


Admission Department

The Hospital Admission Manager: Shima Aghajani

Contact No.: +982185556120


The admission department is located on the ground floor. The responsibilities of this section include:

  • Admission of patients
  • Scheduling of hospitalized patients
  • Collaboration of emergency patients with physicians and the intended department
  • Discharge of emergency patients
  • Coordination with physicians in the event of the attendance of patients out of the scheduled list.

It is important to note that the manager of medical tourism is also working both for guidance and admission of foreign patients in this department.


Security Department

The Hospital Security Manager: Massoud Shahbeik

Contact No.: +982185556144


The primary responsibilities of this unit are composed of the items cited below:

  • Right accountability and guidance of clients upon arrival
  • Control on the entry and exit of goods
  • Generating and maintaining security and peace in all departments/wards of the hospital
  • Establishing order (discipline) and coordination in the center, particularly at night
  • Complete readiness of all (trained) staff 24 hours a day in the occurrence of any unanticipated incidents
  • Rounding and patrolling in all areas of the hospital
  • Subtle control (surveillance) of all parts of the hospital by closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras


Health Information Management (HIM) Department

Health Information Manager: Maryam Ebrahimian

Contact No.: +982185556563

Medical records in the age of IT are regarded as the most crucial, richest, and most authentic sources of medical and health information, which were developed to satisfy various requirements. The primary objective of the Health Information Management (HIM) Department is the documentation of the disease and treatment of the patients in all periods of the care. Thus, medical records are considered a noteworthy criterion of the health and medical department activities, the hospital staff activity index, and the most sublime and most valuable persuading factor for planning and management decisions in the economic, health, educational, and research categories.