Moheb Salamat Pars Non-Profit Holding

During moheb holding activities since 2004, institutions and hospitals have been established in the field of treatment in the country which are introduced below. Some institutions have been transferred to medical universities after their construction.

لوگوی بیمارستان محب مهر

موسسه خدمات درمانی محب مهر

Moheb Mehr Hospital

شرکت محب گردشگری سلامت ایرانیان

Health Care village

شرکت محب مهر سلامت پارس

Moheb Cancer Center

موسسه محب سفره سلامت

سفره سلامت محب

شرکت محب آوای پارس مانا

Moheb Laboratories

After operation it was donated to the university of medical science and The Ministry of Health and also to Moheb Kashan, Moheb Yas and Moheb Kosar Hospitals.