History of Establishment

The patient support institute ( Moheb) is a non-profit organization in treatment area. Aiming for” Health for All”, the institute applies innovations to develop desired medical services for Iranian society. This institute has been appreciated as a typical non-governmental organization supporting superior national research and entrepreneur.

Moheb patient support non-profit institute, is one of the most successful Iranian institute in non-profit investment in treatment area. In 2004 the founder of this institute designed its investor model in such a way that in addition to developing investment in the field of treatment it would help improving productivity in the country’s public hospitals. This institute with the outlook of creating partnership between public and private sectors (PPP and achieving a desired participatory model to align the strengths of public and private sectors and eliminate their weaknesses) began its cooperation with the University of Medical Sciences.

This type of partnership which has a long and brilliant history in many countries of the world, especially Australia and the United Kingdom, not only provides a good platform for the modernization of government facilities and infrastructures, but also leads the state economy to privatization over time.

On the other hand, Moheb institute aware of the fact that the health care system of the country is in crisis despite benefiting from a high scientific and research potential in the field of service management, so that receiving the desired service is subject to very high costs and patients with low income is not able to use quality services, invented a new style in the field of healthcare management so that it can fulfill its slogan of optimal treatment for all.

Moheb mehr medical center was established in 2004 to support patients with the attitude of partnership between the private and public sectors, using the strengths of both sectors, this center has provided a suitable platform for achieving desired medical services. Excellence in patient treatment management and reducing the average number of patient hospitalization days without reducing the quality of services, as well as signing contracts with basic and supplementary insurance companies became prelude to establish Moheb Hospital independently.

It is an honor that Moheb Mehr Hospital has won the award for the best entrepreneur in the service sector in 2004. This hospital shareholder and doesn’t receive budget or assistance from any of the government organizations and institutions and is managed only by relying on the principle of revenue reciprocity.

Moheb Mehr hospital is a first-class private center that has a contract with basic and supplementary insurance, and the costs are lower than other private centers. He hospital consists of 150 beds in 14 wards, 1 angioplasty and angiography ward and 1 operating room with 9 rooms.

Moheb Salamat Pars Institute on the anniversary of Ahl-e-Bayt on 09/05/2020, according to the good intention of the late Haj Mohammad Reza Etemadian donated Moheb Mehr hospital with a history of treatment and hospitalization of more than 250,000 patients with all equipment to Iran University of Medical Sciences and Atieh Sazan Hafez Insurance company to treat more sufferers with the participation of the government, physicians and honorable staffs.

Patient Support Institute (Moheb), a non-profit organization in the field of treatment was established in 2003. With the aim of Health for all, using modern methods, it develops desirable medical services for Iranian society. This institute has been appreciated as a sample non-governmental organization supporting superior national research and entrepreneur. With the attitude of partnership between the public and private sectors and by using the strength of both sectors, this institute has provided a suitable platform for providing desirable medical services and has been able to take effective steps in satisfying patients.

About Moheb Institute from founders point of view

Moheb Over time

Without division of shares and personal profit it is intended to increase productivity and promote efficiency and entrepreneurship. And it is a partnership that has no meaning in the non-governmental sector of personal property and profit. One of the main goals of this model is to use banking facilities to modernize the treatment fleet and to use supplementary resources for the current deficit of the country’s resources.

Health for all

It is a non-profit organization that works to improve the health of community by using up-to-date knowledge, international standards and creates ideas in order to provide quality medical services at a lower cost.

The first and best specialized institution in non-governmental sector of health services with a constructive role in terms of paying attention to the rights of stakeholders with the participation and synergy of all groups in the health supply chain.

  • Value creation for patients

continuous improvement of service quality

improvement of management

improvement of human resources

development of new treatment activities through creative and up-to-date methods

improvement of financial process





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دکتر مسعود اعتمادیان

دکتر مسعود اعتمادیان

رییس هیئت مدیره

رحمت اله صادقیان

عضو هیئت مدیره

دکتر غلامرضا شاه حسینی

دکتر غلامرضا شاه حسینی

عضو هیئت مدیره

دکتر پژمان شادپور

دکتر پژمان شادپور

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دکتر محمودرضا محقق

عضو هیئت مدیره

دکتر غلامرضا شاه حسینی

دکتر غلامرضا شاه حسینی


  • مسعود اعتمادیان
  • محمد ابراهیم معراجی
  • وحید صدوقی
  • پژمان شادپور
  • محمد جواد سلیمانی
  • غلامرضا شاه حسینی
  • محمود رضا محقق
  • مالک اسدی
  • محمد مهدی فنائی
  • هادی جواهریان
  • محمود جراحی
  • علی اعتمادیان
  • مهدی برزگر

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