Deputy Director of Nursing, “Matron”: Fatemeh Shafiei

  • Manager of all hospital nursing affairs


Educational Supervisor: Amene Govahi

  • Manager of the hospital’s teaching, training, and research (TTR) activities.


Health Education Manager “Patient Education Manager”: Amene Govahi

  • Manager of patient education with respect to the Charter of patient rights.


Infection Control Supervisor and Patient Safety Coordinator: Fatemeh Khawani

  • Director of Overseeing and Control of Nosocomial Infections and Staff Training in this sphere.


Infectious Diseases Specialist: Dr. Mehrangiz Zanganeh

The Goal of this Section:

The objective of this unit is the design and implementation of an Infection Prevention and Control Program (IPCP), identification and mitigation of the risks caused by the transmission of infections to staff, health care professionals, and visitors.

The most significant activities of this unit:

  • Care of patients and staff against nosocomial infections
  • Training and upgrading of personnel skills upon arrival concerning standard precautions and environmental health
  • Prevention and control of the incidence and prevalence of nosocomial infections
  • Establishment of staff medical records and hepatitis B vaccination.
  • Prevention of blood-borne infections (BBIs), viruses that are carried in the blood, among hospital staff with measures including:

1- Disposal of keen and sharp-edged objects

2- Appropriate utilization of personal protective equipment (PPE)

3- Probable contagious diseases

4- Periodic environmental media from the departments, rendering, and codification of corrective actions


Clinical Supervisor:

  • Mastoure Karimi
  • Zahra Kheradroosta
  • Abbas Hedayati
  • Hossein Mafi

They carry out the direct overseeing of the delivery of the hospital’s nursing services under the supervision of the nursing director.