Definition of Standard:

Standard is a pattern or model that is generally accepted by some users.



Current Standards at Moheb Mehr Hospital:

1- National Hospital Accreditation Standard

2- ISO 9001 Standard (Quality Management System (QMS)) – 2015

3- ISO 10002 Standard (Satisfaction of Customers) – 2018

4- OHSAS 18001 Standard (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) – 2018

5- ISO 10015 Standard (Training) – 1999



1- National Hospital Accreditation Standard

Accreditation means a systematic assessment of healthcare centers with specific standards that emphasize the continuous improvement of quality, being patient-centered, and improving patient and staff safety.

2- ISIRI-ISO 9001 Standard

This standard specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS) and insists on the following items:

  •  Policy statement and quality objectives
  •  Duties and job descriptions and authorities
  •  Policies and procedures (methods of implementation)
  •  Control, monitoring, and surveillance
  •  Recognizing the nonconformities and planning corrective and preventive action

3- ISIRI-ISO 10002 Standard

This national and international standard is a process standard. This standard gives an emphasis on the process of customer satisfaction and grievance follow-up (Complaints Handling).

4- OHSAS 18001 Standard

This standard emphasizes occupational health and safety, meaning the safety of spaces and infrastructures – equipment – human beings (whether staff or patients), and processes.

5- ISIRI-ISO10015 Standard

This standard is a process standard insisting on education and training.

Goals of organizational standard:

1- Standardizing the activities in different sections, times, and staff

2- Generating mutual perception of the demands of organizations under the contract with the hospital, senior executives, middle-level managers, and staff of quality requirements

3- Requesting, registering, and issuing certificates of performance compliance for the organization

4- Demonstrating the capability of the organization in conjunction with the degree of satisfying requirements associated with quality and safety

5- Upgrading the satisfaction level of the organization’s stakeholders through employing the identical, standard, and scientific approaches and repeated monitoring of these requirements, and recognition of points with the capability of improvement.