Head of Emergency ward: Dr. Hadi Ghare Baghi
Head Nurse: Ms. Fateme Mardani
Tel: +982185556136
Location: Ground Floor

Features of the ward:

This ward consists of 5 beds undergoing emergency equipped with cardiac monitoring and the latest equipment and facilities of the day, as well as in this section of the CPR, examination rooms and distinct triage.

This unit receives cardiac patients, urology, nephrology, general and vascular surgery, orthopedic and digestive neighborhood.


List of Emergency Doctors:

Dr. Hadi Ghare Baghi

Dr. Damon Taherzade

Dr. Farshid Fahim

Dr. Ali Rezaei

Dr. Reza Jaferbaghdadi

Dr. Mehdi Sharifi

Dr. Masoumeh PoorAli

Dr. Golrokh Asadi

Dr. Nadia Rahati talab

Dr. Alireza Maleki

Dr. Hassan Vaezi

Dr. Avat Almasian

Dr. Mehdi Hadipour