Head of Imaging Department: Dr. Hassan Jafari
Head Nurse: Ms. Farzane Mahdavi
Tel: +982185556191
Location: Ground Floor

The center has been proud to take advantage of the equipment and technology of the world with the use of equipment and technology in the world, along with excellent goals of their mission, which is the same as providing diagnostic services with the best quality and most appropriate cost.

This unit has five ultrasound sections, CT scan, radiology, pristine bone density and MRI in the service of respected clients.

The imaging section of the contract is with all basic insurance and most supplementary insurance.

In the acceptance of outpatient sectors and utilizing the doctor’s core service, he will notice its request by mentioning the type of service request on insurance booklet. Then the patient refers to any of the outpatient sectors with their insurance book. In the absence of a notebook, in additional insurance, according to the diversity of contracts, the introduction of the letter from the insurance is required to provide required service.